Paediatric Tube Feed Backpacks

Modified backpack designed for Nutricia’s paediatric tube feed range. These backpacks have been adapted to hold 500ml or smaller Nutricia tube feeds in the main compartment and the Nutricia Flocare Infinity Pump fits in the bottom of the main compartment

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Paediatric Tube Feed Backpacks

The Unicorn & Dinosaur SKIP HOP™ Zoo Backpack has been modified to fit Nutricia’s paediatric tube feed range (200ml -500ml bottles). Suitable for children from 1 year and older. The Nutricia tube feed bottle is supported in the main compatrment of the backpack by way of a velcro strap and the Nutricia Flocare Infinity Pump can be placed on the bottom of the main compartment. The giving set has sufficient room to be housed in the main compartment and there is an outlet at the back of the backpack which allows the giving set to be connected for feeding on the go.

Varieties:  Unicorn, Dinosaur

Bag features:

  • Dimentions 29cm x 25cm x 10cm
  • Modified strap to hold tube feed bottle
  • Modified outlet for giving set
  • Side mesh bottle pocket
  • Padded & adjustable straps
  • Easy to clean lining
  • BPA-Free, Phthalate-free
Style Product Code Units
Dinosaur backpack 149785 1
Unicorn backpack 149786 1